How does Poptiq work?
As you watch and rate videos, Poptiq responds by sending you more (or less) videos like the ones you have rated. Poptiq also takes the interests you indicate in your account and finds videos that match. If your interests change, Poptiq adapts and adjusts your videos accordingly.

What do ratings actually do?
How you rate videos helps determine what videos you will get in the future. It's important to consider the subject of the video when you rate it. For example: if you just watched a video about butterflies and you don't want to see other videos about butterflies, then rate it lower. Rating a video higher will mean you will receive more videos like it.

How do I add Poptiq to my Facebook or MySpace page so I can share videos with my friends?
Once you have created your Poptiq account you can use your Poptiq credentials to add Poptiq to your Facebook or MySpace page.
Use these links to add Poptiq to the appropriate site:
Add Poptiq to Facebook
Add Poptiq to MySpace
Remember that you also always have the option of adding Poptiq to your Facebook or MySpace page through your account within Poptiq as well.

I seem to be getting videos that are unrelated to my interests.
What can I do?

The easiest thing to do is to make sure you are rating those videos you are not interested in lower than those you are interested in. If you are finding you are not getting any videos you are interested in then review your Topics of Interest, and make the necessary changes to better reflect your interests.

How much storage space does Poptiq need?
Poptiq needs about 1GB of memory to store all of those videos, so please make sure you have at least this much space available on your touch or iPhone. If your device runs out of room, you might find that it slows down.

What does the arrow in the bottom left of the carousel screen mean?
The arrows are a quick and easy way for Poptiq to let you know what is going on. Pressing and holding the arrow will pull up a message box that will give you further details. The arrow can be one of four colours whose meanings are as follows:

  1. Green: Poptiq is getting new videos for you right now. This can only be done while Poptiq is running, so if you can, don't go to another application until the arrow changes to grey.
  2. Yellow: Poptiq is unable to connect to the internet. You're probably out of wireless coverage, or maybe you haven't logged into the WiFi hotspot that you connected to. You can still watch video of course, but we won't be able to get new video until you have an internet connection again.
  3. Red: There was a problem when trying to log in. Check your username and password in the Options screen and make sure you replied to the confirmation email that Poptiq sent you when you created your account.
  4. Grey: Poptiq is currently idle - it doesn't need to do anything right now.

How long do videos stay on my carousel?
Videos that you have not watched are never deleted. Those you have watched are automatically deleted after 18 hours. Videos that you save are not automatically deleted.

I forgot my account password - how do I reset it?
In the options screen, make sure your account email address is in the correct field, and the password field is blank. Then tap the 'Account' button. That will take you to the account creation screen. Near the bottom of that page you will find a link to 'reset password'. Click that to receive a new password by email. You can subsequently change your password in your Account.

How do I delete my account?
Contact , and we will assist with the deletion of your account. In order to ensure the validity of your request please email us from the email address associated with your Poptiq account.

Poptiq Frequently Asked Questions